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ChatGPT descriptions of Uber and Lyft
TheWordsmith descriptions of Uber and Lyft

Accelerate your Content Creation and Distribution Workflow

Organic Content Workflow with

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Strong Message Pull-Through


Company and Product DNA

We capture all there is to know about your company, product, value propositions, and ICP to ensure every idea, concept, or piece of content has strong message pull-through


Brand DNA

Our ToneArchitect technology knows your brand inside-out. It uses your brand purpose, brand personality, and sample content to curate a tone of voice that's uniquely yours


Human in the loop

Use the built-in content editor to give the perfect human touch to your content, or use the content improver to let AI rewrite existing content to your liking


Teams and Governance

Tell a cohesive story across channels by seamlessly sharing workspaces between the team to ensure everyone uses consistent messaging and tone of voice  

Content that's timely and relevant to your audience


Tailored to User Intent

TheWordsmith does real-time SERP Analysis to understand the user's search intent and best performing content for a given keyword


Staying on top of news

With access to Trending News, TheWordsmith beats LLM training cut-offs, and crafts timely content with references to credible sources


Content on the go

Our Google Chrome Extension lets you create content by highlighting any text in your tab to summarize it, craft comments, social posts, or reply to messages

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Privacy and Transparency

No company/brand information, prompts, or content are used for training LLMs. Rest assured that your data remains yours and never gets sent to our LLM partners for training the models


Zero-Retention API calls to LLMs

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Full Visibility - What you see in your workspace is what we use about your company and brand. Nothing more

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Sample Content

The following were generated by TheWordsmith soon after these products were announced

ChatGPT descriptions of Uber and Lyft
TheWordsmith descriptions of Uber and Lyft

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We use the powerful GPT-4 and GPT-4o models

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I was pleasantly surprised at how the tool created useable content in one try. My background is in brand and content, so I'm very skeptical of tech that says it can do what I do. Consider me converted! 10/10 will use again.

Ashley B
Head of Comms and Marketing
Andion Global
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The Wordsmith seamlessly produces purpose-driven content that's not just on brand but strategically optimized. What sets it apart is its intimate knowledge of a brand's unique tone of voice and ability to precisely adapt to a brand's personality traits. In a noisy digital landscape, this AI Copilot is the key to breaking through.

Mike L
Chief Marketing Officer
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TheWordsmith's brand-first approach to AI content generation is unique and powerful. The content generated is more compelling and on-brand compared to other tools I've used. Moreover, the information about the company and brand it captures makes life easy by not having to provide context every time you want to generate something

Steve G
Head of Marketing
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As someone who works with several brands and products, I've found TheWordsmith's capability to maintain multiple brand profiles and switch context seamlessly extremely useful. It further enhances the productivity I get from using AI

Brittany I
Director of Growth Marketing

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