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Built for quality, uniqueness, and brand expression, TheWordsmith is the ideal platform for assistance across the creative lifecycle.

Trained on Company, Product, and Brand DNA, with access to realtime news, and Google SERPs

Brand Purpose

At the core is the understanding of the "Why" of your brand. The ToneArchitect infuses the tone of voice with your beliefs, values, and purpose

Brand Personality

The Brand Personality traits let the ToneArchitect curate a customized brand voice that resonates with your audiences

Sample Piece of Content

The ToneArchitect fine-tunes the voice, based on a sample piece of content you've created for a specific audience, on a particular channel

Message Pull-through

The Company and Product DNA ensure that every piece of content implicitly and explicitly communicates the brand's key messages and value propositions

The ToneArchitect
crafts a voice that's as unique as your brand

Go beyond superficial tones of voice such as serious, playful, sarcastic, or funny, and truly define your brand's tone of voice with the ToneArchitect.

Tell your brand story through your content and campaigns with strong message pull-through.

AI Templates and Tools

Designed to give you more control, and fine-tuned for each specific task

Target Audience

TheWordsmith is trained to deeply understand who you are creating content for

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Choice of LLM

We use the appropriate LLM along with fine-grained  control over its parameters that make them deliver the best output for the task at hand, whether it is a blog post or a social media ad

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Domain Expertise

Built by experienced marketers, TheWordsmith has been trained on best practices and frameworks for marketing strategy and content creation

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Content Formats

TheWordsmith is trained to deliver its content in the exact format that the publisher platforms want them in or what best practices recommend for it

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Feedback Loop

TheWordsmith gets better with usage. Simply give a thumbs up for the content you like and it learns. Rest assured we never use this data to train the models at large. It is limited to a specific workspace only

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Context Switching

Agencies manage multiple clients and brands speak to more than one audience on multiple channels. TheWordsmith lets you create several workspaces with their own company and product DNA and Tone of Voice, and switch between them seamlessly

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Frequently asked questions

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